Friday, July 2, 2010

Ritz Calton And At-Sunrice

Hi everyone~ I didn't write this blog for a long time already.
I love singapore, here is very luxury.
everything is cheap and electronic is quite cheap , i would to buy computer or hp here.
i knew a lot of friends here, and i learnt a lot of thing too.
Now,i'm Studying in At-Sunrice on singapore and training in Ritz-Calton.
I have been singapore already 1 month,
1 month for studying ,and next 3months are for training in hotel,and continue this way for 2 years.
I'm glad to study there and working there.
All people are very kind to me,they are helpful and teamwork,
i love to work there.
Everyweek got 2 days off, and i really enjoy to work.
Damn tired these day,but is valuable.
I'm improving my Skills and Knowledge everyday, i want to become professional chef.
I will have my own cafe or shop in the future,i promise...i will DONE it !!!
2 Years more to go... i'm in the war right now.. i cant stop it..Keep it hardwork !
the most important thing is my gf, she help me a lot .i would like to thx her.. i love her.. muack..
that's all for today...
Bye ~ To be Continue..