Friday, July 2, 2010

Ritz Calton And At-Sunrice

Hi everyone~ I didn't write this blog for a long time already.
I love singapore, here is very luxury.
everything is cheap and electronic is quite cheap , i would to buy computer or hp here.
i knew a lot of friends here, and i learnt a lot of thing too.
Now,i'm Studying in At-Sunrice on singapore and training in Ritz-Calton.
I have been singapore already 1 month,
1 month for studying ,and next 3months are for training in hotel,and continue this way for 2 years.
I'm glad to study there and working there.
All people are very kind to me,they are helpful and teamwork,
i love to work there.
Everyweek got 2 days off, and i really enjoy to work.
Damn tired these day,but is valuable.
I'm improving my Skills and Knowledge everyday, i want to become professional chef.
I will have my own cafe or shop in the future,i promise...i will DONE it !!!
2 Years more to go... i'm in the war right now.. i cant stop it..Keep it hardwork !
the most important thing is my gf, she help me a lot .i would like to thx her.. i love her.. muack..
that's all for today...
Bye ~ To be Continue..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Final Exam and Graduation Day.

Hi everyone!
I didn't write my blog after i worked in hotel.
Finally,my hotel training is over already,
its very fast ...1 year already past.
and many things happened in the moment.
I hope that everything will be ok .
As a matter of fact, i really improved a lot of things,
and i become more staunch.
Yesterday was my final exam,
I got a not bad comment from my chef,
but i still have to keep it up for my future.
These are my photos took from yesterday.

(Fried Chili Fishes with Creamy Chili Sauce) Click to see.

We will celebrate on tonight at G-hotel,
and i hope can treasure this moment..
may be in the future will hard to meet and each people go around the world,
further and further ......
After this ,i will continue my next travel in singapore .
I have been approved into ACP program in singapore.
June will intake ,and i will miss penang a lot..
I will stay there for 2 years,is quite long , but time is easy to go.
I will work hard for my future,i want to prove myself to everyone!
that's all for today~
more details i will post over here..
take care everyone ...
bye...see ya

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My 21st birthday Party~

31 Oct was my 21st birthday party,
I celebrated at my house,
I want to thanks who came to my birthday party and presents.
I'm 21 now, so have to think properly when i make my desicion..haha
and unlucky thing was my photos all gone..
when my mother snapped photos for us,
she forget to put memory card!!
but at least lisa had took ....thx ya!
ok la..i have nothing to say..i just came back from training..
i want go to sleep liao...wahahah

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving.

I'm prepared pumpkin for tommorow my 21st birthday party,
and i carved this at afternoon.
nice or not..wahahah..
ugly ler~
please give me comment ya~
dont forget to come my 21st birthday party at my house.
after 12pm is my 21st birthday ..
good night everyone ya..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1st month training in hotel.

Hi all my dear friends~
I didnt write in this blog for 1month already.
I'm so tired recently,
I have to wake up at 6am every morning,
lazy to wake up ..!!!
and i will post everything that i had made...
today i have nothing to do,
so my chef let me do my own style salay,
and i have to cut fruits every morning...
make sandwich and criossant..
i'm in cold kitchen department now.
below food are my style..except open face sandwich..
now only passed 3 weeks only..still got a long way!! hai...
pls support my blog!! haha
and this coming up saturday is my 21st birthday !!
i will make a party at my house ,at night 7:30 am.
near by usm there..
if who wanna come pls inform me ya!!
31 oct 2009

nonya spicy( i like it so much)
Open face sandwich

Seafood combo

Friday, September 25, 2009

Last day studied in school yesterday.

This was my second test in school.
I made Strawberry Triffle.
I will go to training on 5th of Oct..
in Everygreen Hotel.
after 6 months training ,i will graduate on April for next year.
and i will go to singapore continue my advance diploma.
I will improve myself and prove that i'm the best.
i hope i can finish my diploma as soon as possible,
because someone are waiting for me..
treasure every minute with your friends and family members.
Love is the best thing in the world.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chinese Cuisine

Foo Yoong Hai - Seafood Omelette
Mar Por Tau Foo-麻婆豆腐
Szechuan Hot And Sour Soup-四川酸辣汤
we learnt Chinese Cuisine today
erm.. i have nothing to say about today..
but it is great...
tomorrow i will have a small test.. boring ler..
nothing to do, no going out at all..
i'm going to singapore for next year
going to continue my diploma..
april of next year..